How to Choose a Custom Glass Bottles Which Will be Just Right for Your Products ?

If you need custom glass bottles for any purpose – food products, beauty or skin products, perfumes and toiletries, alcohol, household items or pharmaceutical use – you obviously have a product that is unique. When your product is one of a kind, you need that special glass bottle which will be just right for your product.

Benefits of custom glass bottles

When you get glass bottles specially made for your product you can decide on the

· Size

· Design

· Color

· Transparent or opaque

· Different kinds of glass

· On-glass printing or labels

· Different kinds and shapes of stoppers/closing lids or screw on closures (steel, other metals, cork, spray dispensers, plastic, glass, etc.)

With so many varieties and combinations to choose from, you can be assured that your product that is packaged in custom glass bottles will stand out and, thanks to the unique bottle, have instant brand recall as well.

Why use custom glass bottles?

There are some items that can only be packaged in glass because glass does not react with chemicals and most items. Glass is also easy to sterilize and does not pick up odors. Glass can be clear if you need your product to be visible. It can also be colored or opaque if the composition of your product demands that it not be exposed to light. Glass is also eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable and chemical free.

At Xumin,we have a design team that will understand your requirements and work with you to design the kind of packaging that will be suitable for your product. You will get the best products at the lowest rates, thus reducing your ultimate cost of production and increasing your profits. Let’s not forget that packaging plays an important role in the sale of a product, and we will be able to get the custom glass bottles that you want.

Post time: Jul-23-2020