Three Ways of Choosing the Right Cosmetic Container For Your Product

Deciding on the kind of packaging that is most suitable for your own cosmetic, skin care, or personal care product depends on several factors:

1. Packing Materials must suitable for your  cosmetic

Cosmetics can be packaged in glass, plastic, metal, paper, shrink wrap, ribbon and many other creative ways.Each has its own unique features, strengths and weaknesses, depending on your environment and specific purpose.A basic requirement here is that the packaging material must be suitable for the type of product you want to pack and not degrade its chemical composition.For example, pure or mixed essential oils usually require a glass dropper bottle, and wrapping paper for soap is ideal.

2. The packing must  be attractive

Since cosmetics and personal care products aim to beautify or support personal beauty and health, their packaging must also be attractive.Shapes, sizes, colors, labels, and other visual elements should coalesce to attract customers.Common cosmetic containers may be jars or cans, Boston round, bullet, rectangle, spray, airless dispenser, roll-on roll, etc.The surface of the container can range from transparent, frosted, colored to completely opaque. Xumin offers a variety of cosmetic packaging solutions to suit your style and preferences.

3. Focus on customer experience

The functional experience a product package provides is as important as its appearance. For example, thicker formulations will need to be packaged in jars rather than lotion pump bottles for easy distribution. You can also consider long-term use of the product. For example: How easy is it for customers to assign the last point of your product? Will print fade or labels disintegrate over time? How will the packaging behave if the product is dropped or mishandled? Solutions to these problems may require some careful planning and testing, and may vary from product to product. For example, for products containing essential oils and bath products, it is recommended that labels be laminated and/or made of vinyl to prevent fouling and deterioration of water quality. Providing a seamless user experience can sometimes be a balancing act. For example, glass can provide a luxurious look, but can also break through careless usage. Ordering and testing samples is an essential step for any beauty brand. It is also recommended that you also purchase the top or lid of your container from the same manufacturer to prevent any potential mismatches.

Post time: Jul-23-2020